Gadget Sciences “Top Seven Most Successful Tools”

Do not be afraid to remove the electrical sockets for more than one day. With this external battery, you can go into the fields and do not have a burst from the discharged phone. This battery will last you with energy for a very long time. It has a capacity of 2600mAh and can be recharged simply via USB or microUSB. It is tiny, it also comes in a pocket and in a black, black design. In short, nature is fine, but …

Encrypted USB drive with code lock

Is data security the first one for you? So this USB drive is the right one for you. The data in this flash drive is encoded with 256-bit AES technology and can only be accessed by entering the correct numeric code on the disk surface. The diary is protected even against mechanical damage. If someone tries to get in, the data will be deleted immediately. Up to 4 GB of data can be loaded on the disk and works on each operating system.

Cooling pad under notebook with LED lighting

A stylish cooling pad made of tempered plexiglass and LED lighting will become the adornment of every modern computer lover. With a cooling system that uses air circulation, the notebook cool down and does not allow it to heat up to internal components such as a hard drive, graphics card or processor and significantly extends its life . Cooling is ensured by a fan with adjustable speeds. The use of a cooler is also advantageous because the notebook is in a better ergonomic position for normal use – the keyboard is slightly macled and the display is a little higher. The chill pad is powered through the USB interface of the laptop.

4 in 1 Car Charger Adapter

Do you spend a lot of time on the go and are you still solving the problem of recharging your smartphone or laptop? With this charging adapter, you’ll be able to charge both of them directly in your car, and that’s why both chargers have both classical sockets and one USB. Simply connect the charging adapter to the standard cigarette lighter socket in your car and the juice will start flowing from one of your pets to another!

This HD DVR Portable Camcorder is one of the powerful cameras that lets you record your car ride. You will get important material in the event of a car accident or damage to your car. The installation is very simple, with the attached suction cup attached to it on the windshield while you can start shooting. There’s HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) and 30 frames per second, so it boasts a really good record. The record is so good that it will find other uses, perhaps you can make a holiday with her. The camera also boasts a night-light function that will perfectly serve in the dark, making the video as high as possible. Another advantage is the large viewing angle that will allow you to miss any part of the road. The captured record is stored on a SD / MMC (1GB – 32GB) memory card and can be played back on a 2.5 “display or downloaded to a laptop or computer using a USB cable.

Mobile Charger Mr. Pow Mobile Charger Mr. Pow

Ladies and gentlemen, get acquainted with Mr. Pow! Mr. Pow is a mobile charger that will keep your camera, mp3 player, smartphone or tablet alive. It is only once in a while to grab the hands in which the USB connector has to connect to the computer and have the power to hand over. In addition, you can easily see how much energy is left! Push the button on his head and, in his smile, you will know how he is … almost like a man. Try it with Mr. Pow and you will see that he is an indispensable electro-companion.

USB Plasma Ball

USB Plasma Ball is a wonderful decoration for your computer. It is powered directly by the USB connector on your computer. The USB Plasma Ball from your desk will make a mystical place with lighted rays of energy. Plasma inside the bulb responds to the touch, so you can play with it. Enjoy this wonderful gift of yourself or your loved one who often works at your computer.

USB Beverage Heater USB Cookie Biscuit Cookie Biscuit

Again, do you work long into the night? Are you annoyed at watching your coffee cool while your keyboard is getting warmer and more? This sweet-looking pad

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